Password during live install

Hello. I'm using Architect live iso.
It is asking me after it boots up for a
manjaro-architect login:

manjaro is NOT working as a password. I'm on coda spirit laptop.

Did you use manjaro as both the username and the password? Maybe a keyboard issue?

Alternatively, don't use the Architect ISO, use one of the other ISOs. All the ISOs have architect on them and it is sometimes easier to work from an environment where you have a working DE. The other ISOs are often newer.

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I type in manjaro and I press enter. Invalid. It types in manjaro: no keyboard issue here. I try root enter wrong too. I've been using Linux for 10 years already, what the hell is going on?

But it is. All Manjaro ISOs are the same.

On Manjaro Architect the username and password is printed to the console on boot.

If you need a reminder

cat /etc/issue
  • user - manjaro
  • pass - manjaro

You can also login using

  • user - root
  • pass - manjaro

And there is nothing but Caps Lock going on.


On my old eeePC one key work/work not for login etc. .
I need 15 min. and some heart pills to find out what happens. :slight_smile:

This time it accepts the login manjaro or root, but after I type manjaro as a password it shows Module is unknown then it reverts back to login screen

This is probably due to a fault originating from either download or writing to ISO.

The following guide contains info on how to verify the ISO using checksum

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