Paru: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Scratching my head - aur/paru 1.7.0-1 (+220 60.65) (Installed)
Tried the git too… no comments on AUR to suggest it’s broken, but this error is above my paygrade. This is something to do with pamac, am I right?
Any ideas?

Paru seems to be updated to Pacman 6, which Manjaro is not yet. libalpm 13 is part of pacman 6 if I recall correctly.


Ok, thanks - so I guess just wait a while.

I would be interested in having paru in official repos just like there is yay!

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Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Paru depends on asp and devtools for certain features . We do not carry in those in our repo since they are Arch-specific. We have manjaro-tools-pkg instead of devtools.

Yes, I actually included Paru in a couple of aliases, I just replaced all paru with yay for now. Not a biggie…

Does manjaro not have repo-add? That’s all paru uses devtools for so you can just rename the dep to the manjaro package assuming it has repo-add.

Of course, that’s part of pacman. :wink:

Whoops, mixed up my packages. Meant arch-nspawn and makechrootpkg.

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