Partitions order matter?


I would like to know if partition order in a SSD drive matters (in performance for ex.) in a dual boot with Win 10.
Here’s a pic from Gparted of my current setup:

Sda1, sda2, sda3 and sda4 are Win 10 related.
Sda4 is Win 10 recovery partition an appears last on the drive.
Also should the swap partition be located last on the drive or it doesn’t matter?


No, it does not matter.

Also does not matter.


I believe @Mirdarthos might have an opinion or two on partition order, after fsck somehow fscked his, recently.
Or, so the story goes…

Apart from that, it really doesn’t matter. That said, it’s probably best to always keep your ESP as the first partition.

Even that is a soft probably.

Its sorta recommended as a way to help ensure it isnt messed with in the course of doing other things to the rest of the partitions, but in most cases it could be at the end or in the middle to no real affect.

If you arent using a classical spinning disk… almost everything ever said on the subject of ordering is out the window.

Talking in terms of ‘speed’ its the same for the whole circuit board.

Indeed. SSD’s are effectively non-volatile RAM. Ordering falls to something philosophical by nature, rather than practical. I like to know exactly where an ESP is; maintaining it as the first partition achieves that for me. :wink: The others can play musical chairs as much as they like.

Hey I didnt say you should put them elsewheres. Mine are all first for pretty much the reason stated above, as vague as it is, and by nature of it being there in the first place.

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I’d keep to a more “traditional” layout on an SSD for a couple of reasons:

  • It saves possible confusion by yourself or others;
  • Makes it easier if you clone to spinning rust as a backup (or several) in case you actually need to use it in the event of SSD borkage.

Just my 2p worth. :slight_smile:

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