Partitioning question before I switch over

I am not on Manjaro yet, but I want to switch over. I’ve been using Arch and now feel I should switch over since I really messed something up on there and I have no idea how to fix it making me realize the distro Itself probably is not for me.

Now this would be simple for most people, however I had a sort of odd partition setup. My Boot, Root, and Home were all on my SSD, however I have a partition labeled Data on a separate hard drive on there which basically is a bunch of symlinks of folders on my home partition so that all the stuff on Home which I don’t want on my SSD is on my Hard Drive

Problem is the installer does not have a mount option for data, which seriously has me puzzled. If I just leave my Hard Drive alone during the partitioning process will it be alright, since it’s basically just a bunch of symlinks from the home folder? Or will not mounting it to any specific point cause problems with accessing it, and if so, what would I mount it to?

Apologies if this question has already been asked. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

Hello @Squashman :wink:

Simple solution, just write it:

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You should select “Manual partitioning”, IIRC, to get the freedom you want…

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