Partitioning in manjaro KDE Plasma

I’m currently using Windows 10 because of some games and apps but I’d like to use Manjaro KDE. I have some experience with an old PC that I use to experimet. What I wanna ask is how to make my partitioning so only the OS (manjaro) and few games/apps to be in my ssd(250gb kingston) and the rest to be in my HDD (2tb WD Black). Basically home to be in my hdd but I can still download apps in my ssd. I hope you can understand what i want to say. I’m not sure how exactly to ask this question.

i5 6500
gtx 1060 6gb
16gb RAM 2133mhz

Hello @terola53 :wink:

When installing, do a manual partitioning:

I assume you have an UEFI.


  1. partition: 300MB FAT32
    mountpoint: /boot/efi
    flag: boot
  2. partition: everything EXT4
    mountpoint: /
    flag: none


  1. partition: everything EXT4
    mountpoint: /home
    flag: none
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So my ssd will be the root and hdd home right? :smiley:

I’ve just tried it and it’s not what I was looking for. Thank you for the answer tho😄

No idea what you expect then… maybe a “Eierlegende Wollmilchsau” (Egg Laying Woll Milking Sow)?


I suggest you throw everything on the SSD first. Then once it’s full, you’ll know exactly what directories you do not need on the SSD. Fix this at that point. 256G is plenty for a base install and a couple big games. If the games are through steam, you can create multiple game installation folders and move them between that.

Your HDD should be for stuff that you want to store for later. If you find that the data you put on that HDD is important and not just a bunch of downloads, get a second HDD and set that up as a mirror of the original HDD incase it fails. Get a dropbox account or whatever and upload your important files there.

I love Arch & Manjaro. I suggest when you have a moment, perhaps a weekend, to install Arch. Yes it takes time, but if you do it in a Virtual Machine, you will still be able to use your computer and can save your progress of the installation to come back later and wipe it via clean slate if you want. Why do I suggest that? Because it will teach you what’s under the hood of Manjaro of Arch of Linux and will get you used to finding answers to problems you didn’t even know you had via the best Linux wiki out there. There’s millions of videos, here’s my suggestion:

What I’m looking for is that I can kinda have 2 home directories. I want to be able to install csgo and some important apps for me in the ssd and the rest to be in the hdd. I’m not sure if that’s even possible :neutral_face:

AFAIK, no. You can split your system with /root, /boot, /opt, etc, and have it in different places. And /home too. But /home is /home, I don’t think you can divide it more.

After, I guess you could put your /home in the HDD, install all you wish (or carefully install one thing at the time and tweak it first before install something else).

All speculation here

Then cut/paste the wanted folders, files, config files in the SSD and put back in the HDD the symlinks. Long, tedious and maybe not functional.

More simple (and it works, suggestion above maybe not) if you use intermediate software as Steam or Lutris, you can have your /home in HDD, and your Steam and Lutris libraries set to a folder within SSD.

Why not installing Linux completely on HDD, so the two bootloaders are also separated ?
Dividing two system on two data-carriers (SSD + HDD) mean that as soon one carrier is degraded two OS are degraded too. I wouldn’t do this, never, and for-all not with Windoof aside Linux.

Thanks @megavolt, you’r great *!

This is what happens under the hood. A filesystem is mounted “over” a directory.