Partition Question

I have a dual boot system Win 10 first install and Manjaro KDE second install and now no longer need Win 10. What is the best and easiest way to remove Win 10 and expand Manjaro to use the entire drive?

I don’t want to reinstall Manjaro as I have it set up the way I like it and do not want to start over. I just want to remove Win 10.

You can use Gparted from Manjaro USB stick.
Or the Gparted Live media.

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  1. Backup!
  2. Prepare Manjaro live ISO (make sure you can use GParted from live boot)
  3. Wipe Windoze partition with GParted
  4. Expand your Linux / partition (maybe combined with moving it) with GParted
  5. Restore boot loader

It could be that you have to reassign the boot device in your firmware, afterwards

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I only asked before using gparted as I wanted to know if there was a better method. I used Gparted and all is well.

I think I’d do a timeshift backup of my system, then simply do a fresh USB wipe/install and restore from timeshift… that’s the only alternative to partitioning/manipulation…
It could take longer to move/resize partitions than simply install/restore and then with possible problems with bootloaders…

Didn’t need to worry about time as after adjusting the partitions I set gparted to apply all and went to bed. Woke up next morning and everything was working.

ROFL never need to worry after you succeeded - you’d have more need to worry if you accidentally kicked out the power cable half way through partitioning.

Just something I learned with Windows Vista in 2006;
never partition unless you’re backed up or prepared to lose it all (or spend a few days watching a low level utility recover data from a messed up drive).