Partioning drives together

Hey, I’m a bit confused about partitioning and all that jazz. On windows I had 2 drives, a C: with 100mb and a D: with 1gb - How do I merge them? the whole process is confusing me

You cannot…

  1. Make a backup of the 2 partitions if needed.
  2. Delete both partitions.
  3. Create a new one and format it.
  4. Copy the files back if needed.

You can delete the second partition and extend the first as well. This will delete all data on the 2nd but not first partition. Backup if you have important data before messing around with partitions.

Be careful with that one. Judging by the size, that is probably your EFI system partition. You need that for booting.

I’ve painfully watched this long enough. First you don’t merge them ESPECIALLY if you want to keep running Windows. The 100mb partition is fat32 and boots your OS on the larger drive. If you intend to keep Windows you want to install Manjaro along side. The option is there in the Manjaro installer.