Papercut quirk: black screen on full screen games after suspend, screen lock, etc. Fixed with restart or log-out

Hello all!

I’ve been using Manjaro for a couple years now, and it’s been a breath of fresh air that whole time. I’m really grateful for the work put into it. That in mind, in that time I’ve encountered an issue I’m not equipped to diagnose, but I’d like to try if anyone can point me in the right direction.

The issue is this: in fairly specific circumstances, when I try running a game in full screen the screen goes black and stays that way. The game isn’t frozen, though, and neither is the desktop. I’m able to use the super key to see the GNOME overview, and in that view the game seems to be running fine. I’m even able to interact with the game while the screen is black, although for obvious reasons my enjoyment is… somewhat negatively impacted.

The specific circumstances seem to be after allowing the screen to turn off, or manually turning the monitor off, or allowing the desktop to suspend or hibernate. Restarting the desktop fixes it, as does logging out and logging back in.

The work put into the GNU/Linux ecosystem in the past decade to improve boot up times seems to have really paid off. Between that and the SSD I’m grateful to have, it hasn’t been too onerous to restart when I want to play a game. I would be quite happy to be able to let my computer hibernate freely again, though.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Probably worth specifying if is about a Laptop or Desktop system, if has hybrid GPUs, and since you mentioned Gnome if you are running on X11 or Wayland session. Usually sharing from terminal:
inxi -Fzxa --no-host
gives most answers to those questions.

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That’s definitely good info to include, thank you. It’s a desktop system, no hybrid GPU.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700X
Graphics: GeForce RTX 2070, linux57-nvidia440xx (440.100-11)
Rendering: X11

Output from inxi -Fzxa --no-host.

I get a frozen back screen on one monitor and the other screen frozen after a resume. It is temporary, and goes away after some time between a couple of minutes and 20 minutes is the longest.

I am able to run things using Alt+f2 etc. So the machine and os are working fine, it is just the display that is glitched. It is only this machine that is effected.

Just out of curiosity: does the black screen issue happen a) “when trying to run a game in full screen mode” or b) “when after X minutes of inactivity the monitor turns off”? Does this happen with any game, or just with specific games?

I’ve seen cases of a) and switching to full-screen windowed mode fixed it for me. This is due to the fact that full-screen mode is more demanding on your box’s resources—and for the same reason, it doesn’t happen with all games.

You might want to try a different driver. The RTX 2070 is supported by the latest 450.xx driver, but I seriously doubt this will solve anything :man_shrugging:

Regarding b) I’ve had this problem in the past too with some specific games. Never found a proper reason to it other than the monitor losing signal. I believe this is an issue for some Windows users too.