Paper-Maia-Icon-Theme : A Manjaro variation of the Paper-icon-theme



Hi Community!

I recently finished working on creating a Manjaro(maia) variation of the simple and modern paper icon theme and so far it went good. Here is a screenshot:-

Check it out from here.


I have a rough version cobbled together from an old incomplete version of Paper with Papirus as the fallback. This used a bunsenlabs colour-changing script but didn’t seem to work on newer versions of Paper (probably because files/folders/symlinks have been renamed or added to).

So it would be great if your version is based on a much more complete Paper set. Off to download it now! :sunglasses:


Tested it. Nice!

The notification area icons are more consistent in size and look - I’m guessing you are using Papirus-style notification area icons - so that’s a plus. In comparison, my volume slider icon from Paper was a large grey speaker.

Your Paper version is definitely more complete than the version I’m using.

On the other hand, in your version the icon assigned to Octopi (which my version did not have) is a “brown parcel” graphic for a generic package manager. I think that is less interesting than the octopus/videogame pacman icon . But that’s subjective.

Ultimately though, the introduction of a maia version of Paper icon set is highly welcomed and appreciated.


Very nice variation. Nice incorporation. :smiley:



@vaibhav nice work, can be exist with regular paper icon theme ? Can be installed without conflicts with the regular ?
I want merge in Manjaro :grin:


Hi @Ste74, yes it can work with the regular paper icon theme and can be installed without any conflicts with regular one. Moreover, it needs “paper-icon-theme-git” package as a dependency. I wrote a PKGBUILD for building it. It is ready for the merge (if you wish).

Thanks for the appreciation.