paper icon theme needs to be updated due to issue already fixed

Hey all

The paper icon theme needs to be updated/fixed as there is missing icons on thunar and other places which has already been fixed on the official git repo.

Issue already reported and confirmed on this report:

building the theme from the git source is fine :smiley:

please add your request in the topic below, also you mean this? paper-icon-theme-git

Oh I'm sorry and yes I am referring to that package paper-icon-theme-git

Do you want me to make a new post in the correct forum category?

no you can't create a new topic in Development anyway without moderator approval, just link to this one in that particular thread which is monitored by the maintainers because otherwise it will get drowned out and lost in the coming hours.

The paper-icon-theme-git is an AUR git package. All you have to do to get an updated one, is rebuild/reinstall it.

It's also in the AUR under the same name but there is a package in the manjaro community repo that is a different slightly older version of the package maintained by Philip Mueller.

you can use the up to date AUR package but the package in the manjaro repo is still slightly broken and needs to be updated.

or removed :wink:

the package is there it just needs to be updated thats all :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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