Panels and widgets disappearing when using notebook in combination with docking station

I have no idea what’s what. Anybody encounter something like this before?

I’m running KDE.

If it’s identified as a different display, you may need to add those.
Command xrandr from both off and on the dock will reveal this.

I add panels to my other monitors by the way, customized individually on each monitor.

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Its a bug of KDE Plasna staring on version 5.18 onwards… not yet resolved.
I have the same problem, a sinple workaround is to backup the plasna kde file on .config folder inside your home directory when the panels ate ok, and made a simple startup script to restore it after reboot.
Thats work for me.
Look up KDE bug dissaparing panel on google for more details

Actually I had forgotten about that one. I have indeed had the panels disappear in the recent past, “fixed” by creating a new one. Maybe one or more of the customizations caused it in my case.

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