Panel consumes high CPU

after a recent update i had issues with nvidia driver and some sporadic system freezes. I saw that the panel’s CPU consumtion was about 50%. I compiled the nvidia driver, accordind the forum’s instructions, but the issue with CPU remains.

That’s a lot. How did you get to that conclusion?

conky indicates so, and the top command as well

i have a two core processor and one core looks like works on 100%

Applications launched from the panel are considered children processes of that panel, but they should still be treated as distinct processes for monitoring.
Two things i think about that may affect the panel directly are the notification area and compositing.

at first thanks for the answers.
i have disabled compositing and nothing changed. as regard the notification area what should i try?

Check what services/applications are shown in it. Maybe one of them is responsible.

There are two things to try:

  1. delete the folder ~/.cache
  2. back up the XFCE configuration residing in ~/.config/xfce and then delete that folder as well

Reboot afterwards.
What does htop then say?

thanks for the answer. I will try your solution and I hope it will work.

very well my friend! the problem seems to have been sold. the cpu cosumption is ok now. Thanks a lot for your time!

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