Pamac's (GUI) details/log view loses following status when too many lines come up too quickly

If you switch to the details view (little arrow on the lower right of the GUI window), it is in ‘follow’ mode, scrolling forward as lines come up. Sometimes many lines come up in quick succession and that is when the following status is often lost. You have to scroll down to the latest line to bring it back to follow mode.

I don’t think it should do that, but keep following the log.

If this is intentional, it is a bad choice. Since it is a GUI anyway, there could be simple checkboxes (“always follow”)

Edit: It has been like that for a while, now, not a recent change.

Please create an issue.


not lost - it just does not keep jumping down, foiling and interrupting your attempts to read something specific …

when you do scroll all the way down
you get to see the messages as they come in

That is how I always knew it, even from every terminal app I know.

… useful behaviour, too
IMO :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, you didn’t catch what I meant. This is about the actual following mode, it does autoscroll, just stops doing it when too many lines come up at once.

I really don’t like that behavior. It does not even stop following the process predictably and I fell like there should be an option to turn that off. I don’t like a machine telling me how fast I can follow a scrolling text. And sometimes it just runs through many, many lines and does not ‘unfollow’, while suddenly three or four quick lines make it stop.

Please allow us to turn off that behavior. Or make it smart and don’t make it stop, just scroll through the following lines at a slower speed until it catches up. The current behavior seems erratic and not thought out well. (If at all. I actually still think it is a bug and not planned behaviour).