Perhaps I am a bit finicky, but I feel "those options" should be "these options" or something like "the options below", "the following options" or some such in
pamac-manager > Preferences > Advanced

ps. please feel free to move to the appropriate venue


I agree. I would suggest to change it to 'these'.


Now that we are at it, I would suggest "misconfiguration" or "malconfiguration" instead of "bad configuration". The first two kind of sound better(?).

A somewhat non-scientific research: (Google search)

  • "bad configuration" Ca. 310.000 results (0,60 sekunder)
  • "malconfiguration" Ca. 3.750 results (0,36 sekunder)
  • "misconfiguration" Ca. 5.620.000 results (0,27 sekunder)

If you think it make sense, then I think misconfiguration seems and sounds better.

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Or 'sh!tty' configuration ??? point you to the 'wrong' configuration :wink:

Thanks, changed upstream to "Misconfiguration of these options can lead to system breakage."


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