Pamac wont search in AUR

just installed Manjaro on my laptop this morning and I updated everything. i went to pamac gui to install VMware Horizon client but when i search nothing comes up. I can copy a random package from AUR and search and nothing comes up. AUR in enabled. Pamac version is 10.0.62. I’m a Manjaro newb so any help would be great. the really wierd thing is yesterday I installed Manjaro in a VM and the AUR worked in pamac.

Maybe you’re rate-limited on the AUR. Are you using a VPN?
Try using pamac build ... from the terminal and see what it spits out (or use another AUR helper like yay).

No VPN. I did a pamac build on the horizon client and get a failed to query (the link to AUR and file) error 429.

429, yepp. Rate-limited. Try again tomorrow…
(Or if you get a dynamic IP address from your ISP, reboot your router…)


Thanks for the quick replies. You all are great,

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