Pamac won't automatically install updates

I configured Pamac to install updates automatically on my mother’s computer, however this doesn’t appear to work. In the General tab I enabled the “automatically download updates” checkbox and restarted since, but after the 6 hour interval passes I get notified of the updates but they aren’t installed, I still need to do it manually which does work fine. Do I need to do something else?

pamac download “only” packages but not install :wink:

Ah… that would make sense. So that option only caches them locally? No way to also install them automatically?

no way with rolling …
yes, “download” option is only a cache

That’s annoying. Well there is a way, but I have to use cron to schedule pacman -Syu as root, already did this with zypper dup when we were on openSUSE but I hoped it would be simpler now. I assume there’s no way to at least make it not require the root password for updates?

No ! It’s easy to write but with rolling and pacman it’s the best way for break manjaro

I think there is no way to install automatic updates on Manjaro or any Arch based distribution,but you can try KDE Neon or Linux Mint,those implement an automatic update function if you want.

Or you can maybe show your mama how to update with Pamac once in a while, or you can maybe implement some remote desktop app, or remote SSH yourself, to update. You still have options I did not think about yet.

Problem is you also need the root password to do it, I admin the system as a general rule. And I take it neither pamac nor pacman allow standard updates without the root password as well?

You can try this from AUR AUR (en) - pacman-auto-update