Pamac - where are the cached packages stored?


The wiki(I can’t share links, but the page about Pamac) says that Pamac stores a cache of all packages.

Where can I find these packages?

Does this include AUR packages?

And what about AUR packages that have been removed?

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values are in pacman.conf (or can run pacman-conf cachedir)


aur, with pamac it’s in setup

The cached packages are stored in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/. I don’t have the answers to your other questions.

Normally packages downloaded from the official repositories are stored in


The AUR packages builds are stored in (if you use pamac)


Thanks. I took a look and the cached AUR package I was looking for is not there. Will find a workaround.

Ref: Anbox doesn't start - #7 by mueen

Just wanted to add where this information can be found 98% (non-scientific) of the time.

man pacman
man pacman.conf
man pamac.conf

man has TAB complettion. You can type man pacmanTAB and matches will be displayed. Or just type man -k pacman to search the descriptions.

One of the nice things about most text configuration files is that they contain the defaults, which are normally commented out. Pertinent configuration files: /etc/pacman.conf, /etc/pamac.conf.

Archlinux also has man pages online.

I went through these questions too. :slight_smile: Since you are discussing cache, I just want to bring to your attention that you can control how the cache is maintained. It sounds like you are using pamac. In the pamac Preferences (version 10.0.6) there is an option, “Number of versions of each package to keep in the cache”. There are also options for AUR. Changes here are ultimately reflected in the etc config file.

If you run

systemctl list-timers

you’ll see pamac-cleancache.

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