Pamac wants to uninstall the 5.6 kernel

A few days ago, i noticed on pamac that every package i had installed wanted to be updated, when i tried to go through with this, it warned me that the 5.6 Kernel would be removed with them. I went to check kernels in the System Settings, and I noticed that the 5.6 Kernel was the only one I had installed, but it also read “Unsupported”. What should I do to fix this? Should I install a new kernel than go through with the update? Thanks in advance!

We dropped support of linux56 a while ago. linux-latest package will update your system to linux58 in this case. You can use our service branch-compare to see which packages we have currently in our repos. Simply type linux5 to find what You’re looking for. More about our kernels you find in our Wiki: Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro Linux


To add to what @philm said.
Kernel 5.6 is EOL. See for more info.

Also … always be sure to install and boot into a new kernel before trying to remove the old one.
(do not attempt to uninstall running kernels)

PS - It is not a requirement, but many users find it a helpful safety measure to always keep a known working LTS kernel installed (such as 5.4 or 4.19) while they continue to try/use newer kernels.

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you should install
kernel 5.4 lts , 5.7 as 58 just started


Ok, ty for the tips guys but I still don’t think I can run fake raid with AHCI builtin into the Kernal