Pamac update results in: uninstalling pacman violates dependency "", required by libpamac

Hey, around jan/feb this year pamac could not update the dependencies of my system anymore.

I am using Manjaro GNOME. When i run the update via the UI, it results in the message:

uninstalling pacman violates dependency “”, required by libpamac

(translated from german to english)

current pacman version: Pacman v6.0.2 - libalpm v13.0.2

current pamac version: pamac-cli 11.6.0 - libpamac 11.6.3

As i am using GNOME the installed version of pamac is pamac-gtk

When i run sudo pacman -Syu it once ran successful today and now its telling me that

there is nothing todo anymore.

But pamac UI tells me that there still are packages to update and updating results

in the given message. I can confirm that, because google-chrome for example asks me to update.

Every week or so i look up for posts which might could help me but now i decided to write a post

to ask for help if anyone might knows how to deal with that because stupid me cannot fint the solution

and i dont want to break my system.

From what i read i think i need to uninstall pamac than update pacman and reinstall pamac, but i wanted to

first ask before i do anything stupid.

Hi @Snoeffels, and welcome!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

google-chrome is an AUR package

To update repository packages only with pamac-cli

pamac update --no-aur

That should respond similar to pacman command:

Synchronizing package databases...
Nothing to do.
Transaction successfully finished.
pamac update --aur

should be able to update AUR packages (including google-chrome) without removing pacman

Yes it does! :slight_smile:

The UI still shows a few flatpack packages otherwise only AUR dependencies.

Update via CLI is running…

Here are the current versions in all branches:

running the command

pamac update --aur

results in

Checking chromedriver dependencies...
Checking pacman-contrib-git dependencies...
Checking pacman-pb dependencies...
Checking pacman-git dependencies...
Checking pacman-fancy-progress-git dependencies...
Checking pacman-cycles-git dependencies...
Checking pacmanfile dependencies...
Checking pacmanlogviewer-git dependencies...
Checking pacman-zfs-hook-git dependencies...
Checking pacman-boot-backup-hook-nosystemd dependencies...
Checking pacman-offline-git dependencies...
Checking reflector-nomirrorlist dependencies...
Checking pacman-zfs-hook dependencies...
Checking pacmanlogger dependencies...
Checking pacmanlogger-git dependencies...
Choose a provider for pacman>6.1:
1:  pacman-git  6.1.0.r15.g01e64e8b-1  AUR
2:  pacman-pb   6.0.2-4                AUR

Enter a number (default=1): 1

Resolving dependencies...
Choose a provider for pacman>6.1:
1:  pacman-git  6.1.0.r15.g01e64e8b-1  AUR
2:  pacman-pb   6.0.2-4                AUR

Enter a number (default=1): 1

Checking inter-conflicts...
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- removing pacman breaks dependency '' required by libpamac

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] N

Transaction cancelled.

Sadly the same error that the UI gave me…

The AUR is designed for pacman 6.1. If you want to use those packages you may want to switch to testing branch: Switching Branches - Manjaro

I want to keep on stable branch with my system if possible.
I could uninstall all packages i got from AUR and reinstall it from
a different source.

But if thats the problem, would it mean that AUR stopped supporting pacman 6.0?
I never had troubles like that the last 2 years.

Do you have pacman-contrib installed?

[Stable update] 2024-02-21 - Known Issues and Solutions - 2024-02-21

▼ pacman and pacman-contrib changes

pacman-contrib is now split out from pacman. If you have anything installed that depends on pacman-contrib, update (after you finished the Release Update) with:

sudo pacman -Syu pacman-contrib

Try this to build new version of google-chrome from AUR

pamac build google-chrome

That should not need pacman>6.1

$ pamac build google-chrome
Checking google-chrome dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To build (1):
  google-chrome  123.0.6312.105-1    AUR

Its their other unsupported AUR packages, eg: pacmanlogger-git

(this has also happened in the recent/past with AUR helpers such as yay-git)

It has nothing to do with pacman-contrib. Its right there in the log

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If OP does not want to switch to Testing/Unstable branch, they will have to wait for Stable branch update for pacman before rebuilding pacman-related AUR packages

My partner’s system on Stable branch had no problem updating google-chrome to latest version

Just throwing this out there, for what it’s worth:

Another option is that OP can switch to testing, upgrade everything, do what needs to be done, switch back to stable, and just ignore the next round of updates.

But why? :tired_face:

Testing branch is pretty stable and fits much better if complex AUR packages shall be used. AUR is made for Archlinux, Manjaro stable branch could stay weeks behind it, they will never work smoothly together as long as you are not able to solve incompatibilities yourself. :smirk:

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Or…consider if you really need to use aur. All of what you want to install seems pretty unimportant and nonessential. Pacman logger for the terminal? It is in the options menu from pamac…etc. etc.

Thanks for all the replies.
I use this machine for work and it needs to be stable :confused:

Sadly im relatively new to Arch/Manjaro ecosystem. Used Ubuntu for years
and i have much to learn. I would not refuse to learn how to solve these incompatibilities.
You might have a good source to learn how to do it?

I just dont want to break anything as i use the system for work.

You are right. Thats what i thought aswell. I might just try to not use AUR.