Pamac tray icon missing on Cinnamon

On my Manjaro Cinnamon, Pamac does not show an icon in the notification area anymore. I guess this happened after update 2022-06-12, but I am not really sure.
What I have checked and done so far:

  • Update Notifier ist enabled, command is sh -c “GDK_BACKEND=x11 pamac-tray”
  • pamac-tray is running
  • No errors listed in ~/.xsession-errors
  • Disabling / Enabling check for updates in Pamac didn’t help
  • Killing pamac tray and restart from shell didn’t help, neither “GDK_BACKEND=x11 pamac-tray” nor “pamac-tray”

There is no output when starting pamac-tray manually, even no error message. On another system, also with Cinnamon, which does not have this issue, starting pamac-tray gives some output messages, i. e. the updates found.
I have no idea what the reason could be, nor if it is an issue of Cinnamon or Pamac.

Try a different icon theme “adwaita” perhaps.

Changing the icon theme (and all other themes) didn’t help. I created a new user now, and in this account the Pamac icon is shown.