Pamac suggesting AUR upgrades to Manjaro packages (stable branch)

I am on Manjaro stable. Today, Pamac suggested updating pamac-tray-icon-plasma 0.1.2-4 β†’ 0.1.3-1 and v86d 0.1.10-6 β†’ 0.1.10-12, both from the AUR. I have both of them installed from the official Manjaro repos, not the AUR. Should I download these updates, or wait until they are propagated into the official repos?

Packages that are removed from the repositories are often moved to the AUR. It looks like thats what happened with these two packages. I would let them update.

v86d is a dependency for mhwd. Wouldn’t removing it from the official repos cause issues for users who have the AUR disabled?

Please disable Pamac preference β†’ thirdparty β†’ aur β†’ check for updates.

The issue comes from aur packages having the same name as manjaro package - you should not use Pamac to check for AUR updates as this may have unknown consequences on Manjaro stable branch.

Pamac is backported by a thirdparty to Arch and the backport uses - apparently - the same name as Manjaro package.

Disable Pamac β†’ preferences β†’ thirdparty β†’ aur β†’ check for updates.

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Are you sure? Check again. :wink:

How do I get updates for my non-overlapping AUR packages then?

My reasoning for discouraging Pamac checking AUR is precisely your situation - where overlapping package names causes confusion with official repo - especially for stable branch.

Using unstable and testing assumes a more intimate knowledge about your system and it’s inner workings.

There is a couple of options - they are laid out in [root tip] [HowTo] Check if your AUR build scripts have been updated

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You manually check from terminal, on demand.

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Just to clarify, packages are not demoted, dropped, or moved to the AUR.

The package is simply removed from the Manjaro supported repositories for a reason.

And the package, may or may not be in the Arch User Repository (AUR).

It is an important distinction. I only mention this because it can come as a surprise.

# List supported repo files
ls -l  /var/lib/pacman/sync/{community,core,extra,multilib}.db
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The first lines of the howto are

:reminder_ribbon: AUR usage != Manjaro stable branch
Test if you are AUR ready

But it is not clear what is meant by β€œAUR ready” … ready for what exactly? And what does it mean if your system is not AUR ready? Should we uninstall all AUR packages?

Thanks for the howto, and the handy update checker.

You should not use AUR on stable branch - it is that simple.

If you don’t know if you’re ready - the script will tell you.

An AUR ready system is a system on unstable or testing - preferably unstable.

A system which is not ready is on stable branch.

Using custom packages may destabilize your system.

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