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Hello, i have started using Manjaro Cinnamon few weeks ago. I have installed some things from AUR using pamac, but from several days ago , pamac doesnt show AUR search results. I see AUR tab and it is enabled in preferences, but when i type search query, i get empty list.

[wiki] Manjaro - Updates and AUR

try to reinstall ca-certificates-utils there was a change in that package that most likely causes you the trouble.

sudo pacman -S ca-certificates-utils should be enough to fix.


Thank you very much, have a nice day!

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This solution did help to be able to use Yaourt in the the terminal again
but it did not help for Pamac.


I did not do anything else - are you on the latest stable patch level?
Did you reboot or at least restart pamac and its components?


Yes, I’m on stable and 2 machines are updated, and I’ve rebooted several times.
And those 2 both are not able to search the AUR with Pamac.

(What do you mean by the latest stable ‘patch’ level?)


I meant if you did all update ^^ as did only the reinstall and I am on the latest stable update and both Pamac and Yaourt work for me.


Thanks for the tip, also fixed my issue.

However, I still can’t install Corebird 1.4.2 from AUR, it doesn’t appear when I search for it:

Regards!! :grinning:


…never mind…


you should use yaourt for aur, i find it amazingly useful.
In the terminal run

sudo pacman -S yaourt
then when you want to search aur run
yaourt (thing to search)
example: yaourt sublime-text

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