Pamac stalls on bigger upgrades

when i get upgrade notices and click to upgrade …the last one was 400mb+… the files finish downloading and then nothing. I am looking for system activity and it is just stopped. If a do a reboot start it stops. but if I do a full stop and start and then open pamac then I do an upgrade it verifies and does the upgrades. its more a quirk and i have the solution but why does pamac stop during the initial upgrade.?

Next time you have a large update do a:

pamac upgrade

and provide the output of that command because now we’re as much in the dark as you as to what’s actually happening…


I have been experiencing a similar issue with Pamac, where larger updates seem to stall/fail. I ended up getting bored of it and simply switched to pacman to do the heavy lifting.
Anyway, I also noticed that the main reason for Pamac to stall (at least in my case) was some mirror going down: the following command provided a better experience

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack