Pamac: show AUR packages alongside Flatpaks, Snaps, and official ones in "All" search

I have AUR, Flatpak, and Snap support enabled in Pamac but when I search for something it filters out AUR packages unless I click on “AUR”. For example, searching “bitwarden” will show 4 official packages, 3 snaps, and 1 flatpak but not any AUR package under “All”.

Is there any way to make Pamac include them?

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This was disabled in recent versions, because it spams the AUR api, so the AUR devs would cut off Pamac entirely from using the AUR. Disabling it from the main view was a way to work around the issue.

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This feature is still available in the command line version of pamac.

pamac search package searches for package in the AUR as well as the official repositories.

I kind of like searching AUR (en) - Packages online before a potential install (which is rare) because I can checkout if a package is being maintained and what sort of issues users are having with it.

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