Pamac said there is updates, so ı tried to do it but gives error

I waited for about a week and it still gives the same problem. And now I can’t install apps.
Gives this error every-time. Doesn’t matter updating or installing new things.
opencascade74 and opencascade are in conflict.

Remove opencascade74 and if you want to use FreeCAD then see here:

I honestly don’t need to use FreeCAD. Do you think if I delete it that’d okay too?
I checked again and I have opencascade installed not the 74 one.

Yes, you can safely uninstall opencascade74 or the one installed if are in conflict, but the software that depends on each will not work. So you have to take that decision.

I have FreeCAD and LibreCAD that in mind that could not work without them and both of these apps that I don’t need to use just installed to try them. So I will delete them all I think.

It worked man! Thanks a lot!
Now my updates are downloading.