Pamac runs at 100% cpu

I am having trouble when trying to install new software via the Add/Remove Software app. It seems to behave until I select something to install and then it says it is syncing libraries (or something similar) and then hangs. Using htop I see that pamac is running at 100% cpu (or all it can get :).

I have been having issues with Bluemail (I’ve sent them a bug report), and was hoping to install Claw mail, but it just won’t get past the ‘syncing’ step.

This is a new phenomenon as I have used the Add/Remove app before with success.

Any help appreciated.

I would normally say it’s normal since you’re installing something from AUR that CPU using 100% because it’s compiling. In your case it seems it cannot complete the process. Would you try these on terminal to see if it helps.

yay -Fy
yay -Syu
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If fully agree with @Mitsukuni. Bluemail is an AUR package, that means it have to be compiled from source which needs a lot of CPU.

You mean in pamac or in clawsmail?

Actually, when looking at the PKGBUILD it’s not compiling anything but:

  • downloading a .snap
  • extracting it
  • converting some desktop icons
  • preparing and copying a .desktop file
  • cleaning up some stuff
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You are right. The most CPU intensive task is:

unsquashfs -f -d "${pkgdir}/opt/bluemail" "${pkgname}-${pkgver}.snap"

not to forget that it becomes compressed again.

Better use the snap package then.

Thanks everyone, but I don’t think I was very clear – sorry. Bluemail is already installed – it has been my primary client for months – It has recently become unstable. I was trying to install claws email client.

I don’t believe it was compiling; it gets stuck on “synchronizing package databases”.

The same thing happens when I try to update.

yay – is not currently installed.

yay is not currently installed.

You can install yay with sudo pacman -S yay though your problem is more like a package issue like @megavolt said.


I like that name :joy:

Anyways, try
sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

That will update your mirror list / package databases and do a full update. Maybe it helps🤷

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