Pamac reports updates available in Aur, but they are not updated

Pamac reports updates available in Aur, but they are not updated. The message of nothing to do appears.

pamac checkupdates -a
7 actualizaciones disponibles:
game-devices-udev          0.16-1                        -> 0.16-2                         AUR
imagewriter                1.10.1432200249.1d253d9.2.8-1 -> 1.10.1432200249.1d253d9.2.9-1  AUR
inxi                                 ->                     AUR
nerd-fonts-noto-sans-mono  2.0.0-1                       -> 2.1.0-1                        AUR
pamac-tray-icon-plasma     0.1.2-4                       -> 0.1.3-1                        AUR
snapd-glib                 1.54-1                        -> 1.59-1                         AUR
v86d                       0.1.10-5.1                    -> 0.1.10-9                       AUR

ckbcomp                    1.205-1                        AUR
pamac-cli                  10.1.2-1                       AUR
plasma5-themes-breath      0.4.0-2                        AUR
sddm-breath-theme          0.4.0-2                        AUR

All those packages are in Manjaro’s repositories, so your package manager will base the updates on those first.

It is normal that these packages, according to pamac, are doubly installed both from the official repositories and from Aur?
But the version of these packages is higher in Aur.

A package cannot be installed twice, even from different repositories. If you attempt to “reinstall” from a different repository, it should override the previous one.
I suspect you installed them from AUR, and thus are shown in the list of AUR updates. But when updating your system globally, the versions from Manjaro’s repositories should have precedence over AUR, whatever their version is.

I don’t remember installing them from Aur, because I always choose the version from the repositories.
So I uninstall the duplicated packages from Aur and leave the ones from the repositories?

As i said, those packages are not installed twice.
Though reinstalling from the repositories entries might fix the package manager trying to look for them in AUR.

There has been the [Stable Update] 2021-12-16 - Kernels, KDE Gear 21.12.0, Gnome Extensions, LibreOffice and the problem has been fixed.
Thank you.

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