Pamac remove orphans command removing gdm

hey I just wanted to report that the pamac remove --orphans command will remove gdm which will result in having no graphical login manager until you login and reinstall it by doing pamac install gdm or sudo pacman -S gdm

I had this happen on two machines after I wanted to remove packages I no longer needed and it shouldn’t be removing gdm

I really hope I was quick on reporting this and helping you guys out so people don’t run into this minor issue :slightly_smiling_face:

An orphan is an orphan.
Usually you dont want to blindly remove them.
Though … probably gdm should be considered ‘explicitly installed’ ?

Yeah exactly that’s how it should be and it shouldn’t be removing core desktop packages. I’ll have to check a families machine as I also did it and make sure GDM is installed.

Core packages can be orphans too. It all depends on how they were installed or tagged.

Yeah that’s true tho I installed Manjaro Gnome itself and didn’t specifically install the desktop on it’s own so that’s pretty odd. I hope I have helped catch an issue before it affects anyone.