Pamac-qt install and update question

The recent fixes to the “newish” pamac improved it, but since its design is even more Gnome-like, I decided to check pamac-qt.

Unfortunately, the project seems to be stuck or dead. When tried to install on testing, it failes, because it requires older pamac-common version (max 9.6.0, while testing have 10.1.2-3). It looks like it wasn’t updated for quite a while. Since nobody even noticed that it’s obsolete, suggests that at the moment the project is dead or nearly dead.

So please, either remove it from testing or update it. Also, some info whether this package has some chances to be finished and maintained would be nice.



I thought it was removed from the repositories some time ago, maybe just from the stable. Thank you for pointing this out.

It needs to be adopted to be used with the recent libpamac or maybe bundled with an old version (now I can’t do that because of libalpm changes and one adoption is still needed) so I will not rush hard to work with the latest one. After that I will be able to maintain and update it.


We are discussing in a bit heated way the new pamac look here:

My question is: would it be possible to adapt Kirigami for pamac-qt? It’s adaptive and with correct approach can be awesome. Current Kirigami becomes better and better (I know it had its problem in early days). Discover and Elisa can test to that - they look great with different window sizes.

I guess, this is a question of whether pamac-qt should uphold any similarity to pamac-gtk, since the gtk counterpart is disregarding any environment standards and goes its own way. Why pamac-qt should be slave of that design?

Since the project is on pause, maybe there is still a chance to resume it with different, adaptive Kirigami UI? Then all those who dislike Gnome UI and CSDs could use pamac-qt that would be even better than original :wink: . Isn’t that tempting :smiley: ?

The plus of the project on hold is that we can calmly discuss it, without pressure. What do you think of that idea? How it looks from your side? Would you be willing to start from the scratch and take some time to design different UI without suggesting how gtk version works?