Pamac-QT - a new QT5-UI for libalpm



The last update of this year. I need to pause the development for about a month.


  1. Packages table now rewritten using the new Qt 5.12 TableView component so it got some love:
    • Right click menu
    • Clickable package state icons
    • Horizontal scrolling

(I hope sorting will be implemented in the next update)

  1. Implemented “Sync database” and started implementing “Install a local package” actions in the tool menu.

  2. Preferences are now somewhat functional (just not all of them)

  3. More improvements on transactions

  4. Pamac-Qt menu entry

  5. Progress of the current action in the Plasma’s taskbar


  1. Qt Quick Compiler is activated

@philm For now it’s also needed to add a qt5-quickcontrols (first version of Qt Quick Controls) in the dependencies (will be changed once qqc2-desktop-style will have functional dialogs again).

P.S. Qt 5.12 doesn’t play nice with KDE environment for now (see above) so the icon theme is hardcoded to the “breeze”.


so tonight i decided to download and play around with your work. I must say it seems to be looking good so far. but I have one question. You show pictures of it having its own icon with progress under it… for me when I am using pamac-qt it has a white box with a black and orange xorg logo is there something I need to do to get the icon to work?


Use papirus icon theme


Does pamac-qt have a menu entry?


It did not have a menu entry. I added one this morning but will play with it more after work.


I’ll check it out. Thank you!


I feel like a big horses butt I had the previous version not your newest build. I apologize for the confusion


Is everything okay in the latest version?


Been using it for a day now. Seems to work very nicely. Is AUR support already implemented as I can’t activate it from the GUI (settings)


No it’s not. I’ll start the implementation when I’ll finish the repository packages functionality.


Yes everything seems to work good as far as I can tell so far. I installed and un installed a few programs and it worked just fine. Thank you for your hard work. I will try to play with it some more this weekend.


So I have been using it all weekend and so far it seems to work fine for most things except for the AUR part which you said is not yet implemented and when you installing updates using it once updates are installed it does not refresh like the gtk version it just shows the progress bar as being full and the apply and cancel buttons are grayed out. Again thank you for your hard work. Not trying to demand anything I am simply trying to help by testing things out since I have no Idea how to code but want to help anyway I can.


Yeah refresh is still a todo. Thank you for your report. It’s nice to know that pamac-qt is working properly for basic operations. Who knows maybe the final release will happen soon enough :grinning:


Happy New Year everyone! I’ve pushed some updates to the git repo.

This time the changes are following:

  1. Pendings page

  1. Hiding side panel
  2. Package table sorting

  1. Visual improvements of various parts of the application (find them all :smile:)

  1. "Waiting for another package manager to quit" dialog

  1. Various fixes and updates here and there


Released as v0.1.5


Thanks for the hard working. Just being curious that whether this package is ready to replace octopi at this stage?


No. AUR support is not implemented along with some other features.


Hi @LordTermor ! I think I can spare some time from work from now on, so I was thinking to start giving back to Manjaro community for the awesome work and, since I am an heavy kde/qt user, why not starting from pamac-qt.

Is there something that I can look to first? Atm I am giving a general reading to the code, but if there is some particular issue to tackle let me know!

Thank you for your work up to now!! :smiley:


I think we can discuss it in PMs


pamac qt looks on breath dark is not good
please look at it in near future to make it look good in dark theme also