Pamac-QT - a new QT5-UI for libalpm



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I’ve made this mockup in QML.


Promising :smiley:


It shouldn’t be too hard to implement the whole thing. But I have one question about Vala. As far as I know Vala generates C sources. Can they be used as C API for Pamac functions?


Of course, Pamac contains a library named libpamac and the headers are in pamac.h (GLib/GObject library).
You can also have an eye on pamac.vapi (library in vala syntax) and on the python examples.
Don’t hesitate to ask any question.


I’ve done some research.
It looks like we can easily integrate existing Pamac C functions and structures to Qt/C++ and QML/JS using a bunch of adapters.
By the way, PamacDatabase can be a singleton across the app, am I right?


pamac-qt will just be a gui to pamac-daemon, you don’t have to rewrite pamac (duplicate code) but use it via dbus library ( as org.manjaro.pamac.user

pamac-qt will use pamac-****-daemon


Pamac Manager GTK uses libpamac for it’s work. Wouldn’t it be better to use the same lib for Qt version?


Yes use libpamac, it avoids dealing with the dbus daemon.


To access packages info yes.
To run transaction you have to use PamacTransaction.
Maybe first make a prototype with just browsing packages and share it. We can go with transaction after.


This is what I was asking about. Thanks


Pamac v7.0 is out now. You can get it from here:

pamac install


Great! Time to update to it… And to update my PKGBUILD on AUR :slight_smile:


Some more screenshots. Side menu was the most trickiest part, still working on it.


Oh wow, keep it up. I just can’t wait for the new version. Awesome. :+1:


:+1: :star_struck:


I feel that I kinda missed this train, but I’m very happy this is getting implemented :blush:

Btw, for both gtk and qt versions of pamac: is it possible to filter the search results as you type? I feel it greatly enhances the user experience


I’ll share the sources once I’ll get all of basic package info showing functionality.


@LordTermor: looks amazing so far. When ever you’re ready, let us know.


@LordTermor: did you find time to share your current code of your UI draft?