Pamac Qt 0.2 Beta


After six months of development, I am ready to present you the first beta version of the Qt-based Pamac frontend. At the moment, it is already fully functional and it's just needed to implement and fix some minor features.

List of features:

  • Package list
  • Search
  • AUR
  • View package information
  • System upgrades (including AUR)
  • History of updated packages
  • Preferences
  • Transaction details
  • Support for showing progress in the Plasma taskbar


Please continue reporting bugs at our issue tracker! But consider using a git version when your are reporting.

NOTE: In order to apply a system theme to the application it is needed to install qqc2-desktop-style package.

Pamac-QT - a new QT5-UI for libalpm

PKGBUILD for the git version (thanks to @papajoke ):

# Maintainer: Artem Grinev (LordTermor)

pkgdesc="A Qt5 frontend for libpamac - git version"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
depends=('pamac-cli' 'pamac-common' 'qt5-base>=5.12.0' 'qt5-quickcontrols2' 'qt5-quickcontrols' 'qt5-graphicaleffects' 'breeze-icons')

pkgver() {
  cd "$srcdir/${pkgname%-*}"
  printf "r%s.%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" "$(date +%Y.%m.%d)"

build() {
  cd "$srcdir/${pkgname%-*}"
  qmake-qt5 -makefile
  make -j $jc

package() {
  cd "$srcdir/${pkgname%-*}"
  make INSTALL_ROOT=${pkgdir} install
  mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/usr/bin
  mv ${pkgdir}/opt/Pamac-Qt/bin/Pamac-Qt ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/pamac-qt
  chmod a+x ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/pamac-qt



And this one too


So I decided to make a new thread after a month after release.
I'm sorry for this delay but I had a lot of work and I'm afraid this won't be changed any time soon.

I've just pushed some nice updates of preferences dialog (it is almost fully functional now)


I would add to the list:

  • Check if the localization of pamac-gtk can be re-used in pamac-qt

However, if pamac-qt will start varying from the gtk version, it will probably need a separate source, but maybe the old one can be copied and applied to Qt so we have something substantial to build on and not start from the scratch?

Also, I tried to do some AUR updates in pamac-qt and compilations crashed it, while in gtk there was no problem. It seems that pamac-qt is unstable when using AUR operations, but since it's a vague segmentation fault and there is so much work to do, let's leave it for later. I just wonder if others have the same experience or is it just me (I'm using git version FYI).


Installed it on a Manjaro KDE in VirtualBox. Looking at PKGUILD, I think it could be cleaner to replace pamac in depends by both pamac-common and pamac-cli.

Built in AUR libreoffice-extension-grammalecte, no crashes. Removed vlc-nightly, orphan packages, octopi: all is ok.

Bad points:

  • Refresh is not immediate for removing / adding package
  • In AUR preferences, you cannot set a building directory.

Used version?

[fred@fredo-manja-kde ~]$ pamac info pamac-qt-git
Name                 : pamac-qt-git
Version              : r47.9befdf3.2019.04.08-1
Description          : A Qt5 frontend for libpamac - git version
URL                  :
Licenses             : GPL3
Size                 : 728,1 kB
Depends On           : pamac-cli pamac-common qt5-base>=5.12.0
qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-quickcontrols
qt5-graphicaleffects breeze-icons
Replaces             : pamac-qt
Conflicts With       : pamac-qt
Packager             : Unknown Packager
Build Date           : 08/04/2019
Install Date         : 08/04/2019
Install Reason       : Explicitly installed

Hope it helps!


Sure. This PKGBUILD was written before the pamac package split. Fixed.

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with kde we have all this package ! qqc2-desktop-style is for other DE

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qqc2-desktop-style is a KDE package and has a lot of KF5 dependencies including Kirigami. I don't want to make pamac-qt depend on KDE things as there are other Qt-based DEs.


Installed on KDE-Dev.
Most menu items have a package name and a purpose.
Does this normally come from Appstream or Pacman?


I just need to add a description to the .desktop file

Just an offtopic:
Is KDE Development Manjaro image comes with Pamac-Qt preinstalled?


This is normal

But you can change it:


No, but since the first (2019-03-31) version did not include Octopi, I thought it was the perfect VM for me to install Pacmac-Qt, since I did not have to worry about conflicting graphical package managers and (more likely) their notifications.


If you look closely at your first image, Octopi has a description of Add/Remove Software.
If you look closely at my image, Pamac-Qt has a description of Pamac-Qt.


Oic .. i thought you didnt want them .. not error .. nvm .


having difficulties using pamac-qt. When doing system update it hangs on this screen for about 2 minutes:

Then finally resumes and works correctly but that doesn't happen on gtk version.


I love this community


Just pushed a little update.


I think this is a rave, but wanted to make sure this is intentional and I am getting this right. Here is an example where Octopi shows only the Package Name:

While Pamac-Qt shows both the Menu Item as well as the Package Name:

KDE-Dev versus KDE Testing