Pamac pkgbuild checksum issues on updates

Hi I just want to report that pamac is not updating the pkgbuild files properly when updates are pushed out on the AUR. I am a developer and I have checksum keys on my applications bin files from my Gitlab repo which I will always update every time I push a update but when pamac sees I pushed a update it wont properly update the makepkg build file causing a checksum failed to verify message until I go into pamac’s settings and clear the 3rd party AUR cache which is really annoying and will be a pain for people using my software and I have had to do this multiple times.

Here to report issues:

That’s a totally different issue, it shows the update does it but the checksum keys on the pkgbuild file don’t get updated.

You still go there to report issue.

Alright, I will make a report and link it here.

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Issue link: Pamac pkgbuild checksum issues on updates (#1088) · Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab

helper update only if you set un pkgbuild a new version , change only chechsum is not enough

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I know and I do but it still think it’s using a old checksum even if I have it updated to a new version with a new checksum.