Pamac/pacman can not solve conflicts

I can’t upgrade, due to conflicts.
I have found these conflicts:

  • wxwidgets-gtk3 conflicts with wxgtk3.
  • wxwidgets-common conficts with wxgtk-common.
    But there might be more conflicts.
    I can’t replace one with the other, because of other packages depends on them.
    How can this be solved ?
    And, in general, why doesn’t Pamac/pacman skip the conflicts and upgrade everything else?

/ Hans Gatu

Please read the announcements wiki

Also, wxgtk2 is an AUR package

Partial updates are not supported, so when you have to manually change things, you have to do that, then update.


Remove whatever depends on it. And next time search the forum first. This has to be 30th post about wxwidgets + there was an announcement about it. Read that too before you update.

Then you might need to remove more things.

Because things change, even more so in a rolling distro. Stop updating and installing new packages and voila, no more conflicts, ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m still very upset about Guayadeque. Some older software will suffer from the relentless passage of time.

I also miss my call recorder from my Nokia N70.

Some things do get left behind…

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Now I have removed packages and managed to update everything,
except the python2-pycparser, that fails in ‘check’.

Thank you all for your help.

/ Hans Gatu

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