Pamac or yay / paru for AUR access?

What is better for the access to the AUR, Pamac or yay / paru? Under Arch I have always used yay, sometimes paru, but here there was an error message when I tried to install pacnew-chaser from the AUR. With Pamac it worked then. But since I never use Pamac, but only Pacman, I would like to keep this for the AUR. What do you recommend?

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Well, pamac was created and is still actively maintained by Manjaro devs so…


And for this reason :point_up: I’d recommend pamac for anything software on Manjaro. Because pamac is built by Manjaro (devs) for Manjaro.


OK, thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Hardware detection seems to be another advantage Manjaro packaging has over yay. Once I used yay for installing video drivers. It worked but the driver info wasn’t showing up on the Hardware Configuration page. Not crucial I guess but definitely annoying.

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Pacman or pamac would have similar problems for device drivers and kernels

AFAIK only one other distribution uses mhwd CLI tool for drivers.
I don’t know of anything similar to Manjaro Settings Manager GUI for managing drivers
manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_mhwd

I tried a few… my regular update now is with ‘paru’ - but ‘yay’ works well.
Recently, an update rendered ‘paru’ useless, so I had to revert to ‘yay’ - which is still good.

I can’t say why you had a problem with pacnew-chaser but I have very vague memories of installing.

8580 paru pacnew-chaser

Aha, there you go.

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No disrespect to Manjaro maintainers, but I find pamac horribly slow. You don’t need an AUR helper if you don’t have TONS of AUR packages either. Just grab the latest tarball and update manually, takes like 5 minutes for me with about 20 AUR packages.

If you need an AUR helper however, use yay if you want something with a large user-base, or aurutils if you need something small but with a lot of positive feedback.


Not trying to start an argument or anything but my experience with pamac is the opposite. I find pamac really fast ,way quicker than doing it manually. Even prefer it to pacman for system updates. Guess that’s the real beauty of manjaro you have so many choices and you pick the one that suits you best


I do use trizen(mostly to install) and pamac(mostly to update) and mhwd(mostly kernel-related) (all as cli)

Pamac package manager can access Manjaro repositories and AUR and can be used in CLI as well as via GUI. So users do not need to add an AUR helper

@sawdoctor I have not found it to be slow either. But pamac has been reworked a lot recently and some new users (KDE perhaps?) might have experienced some slowdowns in the last couple of months.


some new users (KDE perhaps?) might have experienced some slowdowns

I’m one of them, perhaps. But I like having control of every AUR package anyway, and it’s honestly kinda fun :sweat_smile:

If I want to update only arch packages I use pacman, if I want to update and/or access AUR I use yay.
For a full system update (arch and AUR) I use yay -Syu --noconfirm --cleanafter

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git clone + makepkg -si ?