Pamac not downloading from file

Yesterday, I accidentally deleted my network manager applet. Today, I noticed that I was not able to connect to my wifi network. I used my tablet to upload the applet and it’s dependencies into my laptop. But when I tried to install them, the error I got was

Failed to prepare transaction
Permission denied

And I did type that out because my laptop can’t connect to a network.

What can I do to install the files?


If you still have those packages, then change into the directory with the packages and install them with pacman. :arrow_down:

cd /path/to/the/packages
sudo pacman -U *

I made a folder and put all my packages in that. Then I did what you have told me, I gave it some time, restarted, and now I’m typing this from my laptop!
Now I just need to learn the Art Of Being Careful Around A Uninstall Button :grinning:

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