Pamac no longer shows AUR

I just updated to the latest stable and somehow the pamac GUI (pamac-manager 11.6.0) has changed:

  • no longer follows the desktop theme (dark vs. light)
  • no longer handles AUR
  • no menu entry to enable AUR

I have EnableAUR in /etc/pamac.conf but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on pamac-manager. The “KeepNumPackages” value from /etc/pamac.conf is shown in the pamac-manager prefs, but it completely ignores the MaxParallelDownloads setting. How do I troubleshoot this?

I’m using manjaro-sway and am wondering whether that’s at the root of the issues…

To me it looks like the developer of the sway edition lags behind with updates, because all of that stuff are issues from the past couple of months - the new gtk4 version needs plugins for aur and config for the themes, etc. And the bug with the settings was fixed in version …0.1 also.
See if installing pamac-gtk3 instead of pamac-gtk solves all your problems at once.

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Maintainer here! I don’t use Pamac personally, so I rely on reports like this. Will take a look…

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The issue should have nothing to do with Sway.

Either way, I suggest installing pamac-gtk3 as pamac-gtk now uses Gtk4 by default.

well currently I can’t build a new image, due to Pacman-mirrors cluttered output

Does it work from the CLI with (and possibly without) the -a option? … I never used the GUI for it, will check when I get back and update this system.

Edited to add: it doesn’t seem to work on my system either, just lists what’s already installed due to a missing file. Will investigate and hopefully get back to this thread.

The theming issue is a bit strange. We’re setting the gtk theme via gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Matcha-dark-sea, which apparently doesn’t work? But when I start GTK_THEME=Matcha-dark-sea pamac-manager, it works. So clearly the theming issue is likely not about the gtk4 version…

Even the support for that GTK_THEME env var will be removed at some point by GNOME devs, they don’t want their LibAdwaita apps to be themed and force users to use that ugly embedded Adwaita theme, the only official supported change is that accent color.

And how do we change the accent color?

For the theming, look here

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Thanks for the hints! I am now experimenting with running this tiny script whenever sway re-/loads and for me this looks pretty good and maintainable. It available through manjaro-sway-settings-git, in case @tve wants to give it a try.

I’m on KDE Plasma, so the best solution I found is to install Gradience and apply one of the provided or imported presets, for example Matcha Sea preset gives (unfortunately the dark variant in not there yet):

For me, it was an error to choose a locked library used exclusively to create GNOME apps for developing a package manager used on many desktops like Plasma, XFCE, Cinnamon.

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I added some hacks to the sway edition that should now copy the gtk4 assets into place. you can try it using the script “manjaro sway themes”.

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