Pamac-manager update issues warning I can't understand

Using pamac-manager gui. After initiating an update I get the following:

Warning: removing manjaro-openbox-fonts breaks dependency ‘manjaro-openbox-fonts’ required by manjaro-openbox-theme-fonts
Add manjaro-openbox-theme-fonts to remove

However, BOTH manjaro-openbox-fonts and manjaro-openbox-theme-fonts are on the remove list.

Is this just an automatic dependency warning that is moot because BOTH programs will be removed (the dependant AND the dependee)?

I haven’t gone any farther than the warning.

Thank you

I would suggest to remove those packages before update because is unclear (for me) how old was the ISO you used (apparently quite old), and since then the profiles changed + none of those packages are in repos to check …

After looking closely at both font packages, it looks like I “explicitly” installed them which caused me to take your suggestion and delete them. System is updating now without complaints and I will consider this a success after update completion and reboot. Thank you for taking time to respond.