Pamac-Manager - Nvidia drivers update fails

Trying to install linux419-nvidia and nvidia utils gives the following error:

could not satisfy dependencies:
installing nvidia-utils (1:430.26-1) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=1:430.14' required by linux419-nvidia
installing nvidia-utils (1:430.26-1) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=1:430.14' required by linux420-nvidia

Is this a known issue and are there any workarounds?

Please delete 4.20 kernel -it has reach EOL.Always read update announcement to see current list of supported kernels


Thanks for the help masterfix.

I've learnt a little more about Manjaro.

Now I know how to change a kernel.

Upgrade completed!

You need to keep up on these things a little better. Using an EOL kernel broke many peoples install on the last update.

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