Pamac-Manager Minor Bug (freeze in XFCE)

The pamac-manager freezes. (Stable Branch version)

Way to reproduce it:

  • Open the “…” Menu in the Top Right corner
  • choose to update the db and
  • before that can finish klick on the third tab in the Titlebar “updates”

→ it freezes and you can’t use the UI from that point. But you can kill it.

(I don’t know the correct english names of the menues in German it is “Datenbank aktualisieren” and “Aktualisieren” i tried to translate it with my best guess)
I used it on XFCE → it may not matter which DE you use :slight_smile:

I don’t see any difference regarding the version in the testing branch, so I do not confirm for KDE. Need more people to try to reproduce.

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I don’t reproduce it here.

Do you have errors showing if you do the same after launching it from the terminal?

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Oh, that is interesting, I started it with an Terminal emulator (terminator) so that i can see any Messages.

And i tried to reproduce the error.

→ it didn’t crash, worked just fine!

then i tried to start it like i normaly do and tried again ([alt]+[F2] XFCE applauncher menu)
→ it crashed.

I tried it again with the Terminal method.
→ it crashed, but without any messages in the Terminal

it crashes like in 9 of 10 times.

Maybe it is because of some installed things from the AUR ? it ist normaly checking for the Build data in that moment.

In the end it really is a minor bugwhatever it is causing ist :slight_smile: , i just have to wait a few seconds to let it finish the search of all update data