Pamac lost important stuff

Well, side column with filter choices like Aur only is lost after update. The most important loss tho is the history revert, now there is only view history. This was the reason i dropped snapshots. Now who will pay me the extra ours to figure out what needs removing from 400 packages? And please no one say the word pacman.log this time.



I’m having trouble understanding exactly what you’re looking for in your post.

However I gotta say I don’t like the changes to pamac I thought it was fine as it was.

My advice to you would be to learn how to use pacman and yay to your advantage.

You’ll feel cooler when you do.

The filter is still there,in the View dropdown

There was a history revert option? I never saw that.

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OK complete remove with removal of config files option missing to. Also if i write TORRENT i dont get Deluge for example because now searches only from name. Totally broken i want to remove it, is there another better Gui alternative with more options? Also revert action by history was there before even when someone above says it wasn’t.

Not really. You can try Octopi, but i doubt it has more options than pamac these days.

Pamac can find Deluge AUR packages on my system ok

Do you have Enable AUR Access option turned on in preferences?

If you search for bittorrent Deluge comes up. Search results include names, descriptions and keywords. This is not handled by Pamac itself, but rather by archlinux-appstream-data (with a few tweaks for Pamac). @guinux can verify that and probably explain it better.