Pamac loses track of scroll position in progress log view

I’m running the stable release of Manjaro-XFCE, fully up-to-date as of today, on an HP Laptop-15. When I install updates, on notification via the system tray icon — which is currently served by pamac-10.3.0-1 — after selecting updates to apply, and authenticating, I like to switch to the progress report view, where I can follow the update progress in the form of (what should be) a scrolling text display.

Sometimes, this works. More often, when the text reaches the bottom of the display window, the scrolling mechanism loses track of where text is being appended; the more recent progress messages are hidden, below the bottom of the viewport, and I have to manually, (and persistently), drag the scroll bar downwards, to keep abreast of the progress.

I realize that this may not be a major issue, but it is certainly an irritating bug! I am aware of no other application which exhibits such anomalous behaviour, when displaying scrolling text; the norm, once the viewport has been completely filled, from top to bottom, is to scroll the topmost text out of the way, so that the most recently appended text becomes visible, at the bottom of the viewport … unless (and until) I make a conscious choice to drag the scroll bar upwards, to review some text which has already scrolled out of the top of the viewport, (at which point, automatic scrolling should be suspended until I return the scroll position to bring the most recently appended text back into view, at which time automatic scrolling should resume).

That currently is normal. My suggestion is only use pamac to check for updates, scroll through what being updated, and then actually update in your terminal.