[Pamac] Introducing our own AUR support




I retried it & it sounds again to work really fine but, Imho, the question could be at the end:
Is it important to keep a difference between officials and AUR packages for newcomers (more significative than the little green alien icon in octopi) more significative than just the black windows wich comes in using it ?


With v4.2.10 we fixed some reported bugs.


[quote=“philm, post:1, topic:17924, full:true”]
with v4.3.0 we will introduce Pamac’s ability to build packages. Therefore we changed the way we interact with the AUR. So no extra helper like yaourt is needed anymore. Pamac will fully handle building packages now for it’s own.[/quote]

Then is yaourt still needed as an optional package dependency?


No, not needed at all as AUR support is built-in now.


My bad, i didn’t look at the right package (pamac instead of pamac-dev). I found it weird to still have that dependency.


@philm Will yaourt/pacaur support be dropped in future releases of Pamac? Or will integration as alternatives still be available?

How does the native Pamac support handle conflicts and dependency checking? Is it more like yaourt or pacaur?


On second thought I hope Octopi stays as it is. I like the fact that I can use yaourt or pacaur for the AUR.
I have no issue building AUR packages manually from the pkgbuild, so if Octopi were to gain this type of AUR support I would go that route.

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In fact it is the integration of makepkg, it simply generates a package from a . PKGBUILD
The new code in pamac is “simply”:

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/ package_name .git
makepkg -c

After it uses its internal function (not pacman) to install the created package(s) alike all official packages.


Is the current Pamac v4.2.10 without any regressions or do we still miss some here?



Just retried 4.2.10-2 (for vivaldi) & it still sounds working like a charm !

O_op, but it also replies “invalid package name” for some other packages…


We added some more fixes to v4.2.11. Please test for any regressions.



Sounds working fine
What about new categorie (usefull ?) in left panet of State “explicitly installed” ?