[Pamac] Introducing our own AUR support



I am pretty much a newbie, so I think I can speak for normal users. I need the AUR for:

All of them are offered only as .deb, .rpm, and (maybe) .tar.gz


I was about to say you could use debtap for this but i just checked and it’s an aur package


Yup. And maybe it shouldn’t be?
Almost every other distro has the ability to take a foreign package, re-package it with some degree of success and build a local package.

Manjaro can do that only for AUR as best as I can understand.


Great idea.
Using yaourt and pacman was just tedious, especially the first one with series of Y/N prompts.


Since Alexander adopted Guillaumes alpm code, he might adopt that feature also to Octopi. However I don’t know if ever. Octopi is a frontend for pacman and yaourt, pamac however is a package manager like pacman as it uses libalpm directly.


Debtap doesn’t work in manjaro:


Wow, this is a huge step for Pamac. Glad to see it’s being worked on!

Yaourt was rumored to be unsafe, because it sources the PKGBUILD before you get a chance to edit it. How is pamac now doing this?

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this new Pamac feature. This does mean it will get most of base-devel group as dependeencies I imagine. :slight_smile:

All in all. Good job guys!


Pamac is available in all arch based distro.



It sounds working fine ! :smile:, but is there still a way to check PKGBUILD ?


But yer gonna need the Manjaro repos if you want this version of PAMAC. At least fer now.


Some intel from our mailing list:

[quote=Guillaume Benoit]
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He He, I was waiting for that question, it was very quick :slight_smile:

No, you can’t edit PKGUILD now. I wanted to add pamac a convenient and
simple function to build PKGBUILD.
I consider that if a PKGBUILD need to be modified and you know how to do
it, it’s better to use an advanced tool (yaourt, pacaur) or do it
manually (downloaded PKGBUILD by pamac can be found at /tmp/pamac-build
until reboot).

Le 18/02/2017 à 20:42, FH a écrit :

Tested with a firefox-developer-da from AUR - builds OK.

But what if the packager have forgotten [] - it has happened more than
once. With yaourt it was possible to edit the offending data but this
possibility does not exist here?

Frede H.


I like that it automates PAMAC that much further, @philm, but the inability to check/alter the PKGBUILD goes against everything the Arch philosophy stands for, nay?

I like the idea, but I think that last part might gain some bad press. :frowning:


We are not Arch. Pamac is simply used by Arch-Spins for its usability. If you still need an edit function, please open an issue. Give some examples you may see fit to have it editable after all. It can be an advanced option needed to be activated.


Yes, I was going to add the “we are not Arch part” but considered it redundant. After all PAMAC is a Manjaro creature and if Manjaro wants it to be that way, who am I to say no?

But Manjaro touts the “Arch” part in selling the distro, so maybe the “Arch” part of the sales-job is fallacious and should be eliminated when speaking about Manjaro?


Mentioning it and touting it are two different things. It certainly wasn’t what attracted me to Manjaro.

I think a Expert-Mode-Button that does a download only, and drops said expert into a shell and runs what ever the current pamac runs would be fine.

But I still think Phil and Guillaume are right, and the experts can just as well do it all via the other ways mentioned.



In an “enjoy the simplicity” way of doing, it makes sense. But does it still make in a “do it, increasing your own skill” if you want & without yaourt ?


Great Idea,

will this tool automatically buidld everything from the aur without promting?


While I think this is great news, I am a little concerned about yaourt/pacaur support. Are these being dropped/unsupported in future releases of Pamac? Or will they still be integrated as optional when a terminal is needed(conflict resolution, editing pkgbuild to adjust a line or two(I’ve had to do this only a few times in a year), probably other things that I can’t recall).

How does this compare to pacaur? I really appreciate it’s dependency resolution prior to starting the update/install. Unlike yaourt it would have me handle all y/n upfront and enter my password once instead of multiple times throughout a long build/compile process(some packages/updates could take well over an hour), I get that’s unlikely an issue, but the other benefit was after spending an hour or so of the update/install process, a conflict or failure was usually avoided upfront. Much nicer than having to go through all that again and possibly fix it again if something goes wrong once more.

I’d be happy to use Pamac native AUR support, but would greatly appreciate fallback to yaourt/pacaur as currently supported rather than have to handle it myself in the terminal outside of Pamac or have Octopi just for fallback purposes :confused:


It’s generally a good idea to have native AUR support in pamac as it makes things much easier for newbies, and it’s also more comfortable for advanced users.
But the downside is that it might give people an incentive to predominantly use AUR, while it should only be used if there are no alternatives.
So I’m not yet sure what to think of it. I currently use pacaur exclusively for the 2 or 3 AUR packages I need.


im not sure how to feel about this, yet… i like they way it is just fine now. but i guess if it must move forward, i would like the ability to edit pkgbuild as an option built in. the other ways mentioned and just plain tedious and a step backwards from a “simplicity” standpoint. anyways thats just my own personal opinion.