Pamac hangs during update - trashes linitramfs & leaves system unbootable

Home Theater server hangs while updating with pamac-daemon while running mkinitcpio leaving initramfs files full of garbage and the system unbootabe. :anguished:

Screen grab of pamac output from vinagre:

There are no other systems on this server for os-prober to find.

How to fix this (relatively) remote server?

fixed for all kernel <510

Issue is fixed. Sorry for the problem caused by that …

BTW ~ Do not think this is related to “Issue with mkinitcpio” as my other four manjaro systems updated without problems. All but one of the five manjaro systems is updated daily. I use command line update except today used GUI pamac-daemon because of libcanberra-streamer conflict.

In any case thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for the fix, the last time I had to do this was on a long since deprecated xubuntu system (back when the dead sea was just sick :wink:)

was a problem with only kernel < 5.10 (your screenshot)
for this conflit, use sudo pamac update

All fixed (more or less)

Booting live and manjaro-chroot (as per papajoke above)

Required removing /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
and running pacman -Syu which fixed mkinitcpio

Then booting (sans live) into linux510 resulted in network fail :roll_eyes:

Reboot into linux54 got network success, deprecated linux510

Enough for a while… … … .

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