Pamac GUI not launching

Unable to launch the Pamac GUI tool (add/remove software).

When I try to open the application from the app drawer, nothing happens. However I am able to use Pamac on the CLI.

Could someone please help fix this?

Thank you.


Manjaro Unstable Branch
Kernel 5.9.12-1

Output of pamac-manager is as below:

** Message: 22:00:52.052: flatpak_plugin.vala:125: last flathub appstream refresh is older than 6
 ** Message: 22:00:52.053: flatpak_plugin.vala:126: refreshing flathub appstream data
(pamac-manager:4467): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 22:00:52.515: g_application_run: assertion 'acquired_context' failed

flatpak plugin.
remove it for now if you need.


Thanks !! That did it.

I reinstalled pamac-flatpak-plugin and it fixed it!

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