Pamac GUI can't update Python2

Recently I started having a problem with my Manjaro setup. I’m using Xfce, but that’s not the issue. My panel has started showing an update is available via the pamac GUI, aka “Software updater.”
When I click on that, then this comes up:

But when I try to apply the change I get this:

I have tried rebooting, but that error doesn’t go away.
On the other hand, if I go to a terminal, I can successfully update my system with this, of course.

sudo pacman -Syyyu


You missed another 10 y :rofl:

Since this was announced

You should remove it
sudo pacman -Rcns python2
Was posted a few times in the forum

That did the trick. If you remember, you laughed at my excessive use of “y” in the command:

sudo pacman -Syyyu

However, I’ve read some programmers recommend more than one y.

To understand what that means, please read Pacman Overview - Manjaro
3 y has absolutely no meaning nor use.

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Got it. Thanks. Been doing three y’s for years, even when I had an Archlinux install. Now you tell me. I could have saved my typing finger from hitting those extra y’s all these years.

At least my y finger is good and strong!

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