Pamac GUI cancel mirror refresh

Is there any possibility to cancel the mirror refresh operation in the GUI version of pamac? When updating the mirror lists in the Worldwide setting it can take quite some time, but the cancel button is just grayed out.

I think you answered your question then… no.
I suppose you could do some sort of pkill or whatever … but I dare say the option is disabled on purpose.

Could this be forwarded to the development team as a feature request?

What’s the fallback behaviour of the corresponding command line utility pacman-mirrors when interrupting the update? I guess the file will only be written after fetching all information, so this should be safe to cancel? I assume it’s the same for pamac GUI, is there any reason why the operation cannot be cancelled at the moment?

I suppose you are right that the mirrorpool configuration is updated/applied after the sorting.

Will this be acknowledged as a feature request here or should I post it somewhere else?

I guess the same question applies for my other thread Pamac GUI Issue when closing preferences after polkit timeout

I honestly figure it would be considered low-priority as it only affects GUI in certain circumstances for advanced users who could easily use cli.

I also have no control over these things.

I suppose I can ping @guinux

The refresh method of Pamac calls pacman-mirrors which runs with the current defined mirror pool.

You can stop execution in terminal usint Ctrl+C and unless you catch it in the midst of writing the mirrorlist - no harm done.

In any case I suggest you select one mirror which provides a stable experience for your use case and stick with it - use the --interactive mode to select the mirror and save the selection.

This will ensure stability - and in case - it happens - the mirror decommission itself - you can repeat the procedure.

@linux-aarhus I’m sorry but I cannot figure out what you’re referring to. The “refresh method of pamac” is only available in the GUI as far as I can tell, is that correct? But this means that I don’t actually have a terminal where I could interrupt the execution.

When you refresh mirrors in the pamac GUI all it is doing is invoking pacman-mirrors, which can be ran from the CLI e.g. sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip

Yes that was clear from above. I was just trying to clarify about the hint regarding ctrl+C, which could work if pamac also wrapped the mirror refresh somehow, but I couldn’t find this anywhere. As pamac itself only supports this in the GUI version where I can’t just ctrl+C the mirror refresh, this doesn’t help.

Not sure it’s relevant but the team are developing a new app/script for writing the mirror list called shiny- mirrors. It has a lot of new features and will probably be the new default for pamac gui so maybe check that out and request any features there