Pamac: fail to start updating

So in the past few months i have used very little of my Manjaro distro, and now i wanted to update i am getting some problems.
In pamac when i try to refresh databases or to install something it asks me first to “choose a provider for dbus-units” and “choose a provider for glfw”. After that it gives me the following error:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing kpeople breaks dependency ‘kpeople’ required by kpeoplevcard
  • removing kcontacts breaks dependency ‘kcontacts’ required by kpeoplevcard
  • removing kxmlgui breaks dependency ‘kxmlgui’ required by libkipi
  • removing kservice breaks dependency ‘kservice’ required by libkipi

Also i have read other post on the topic and i tried something but i think it got worse cause before it was not asking to “choose a provider for…” but it was still giving me an error at the end before updating.
So i am asking here before i trash pacman even more :sweat_smile:

Always read Announcements topics and search the forum before posting. Others have asked the same thing ad nauseum because they did not do that first.

What post(s)?

Such as…?

Help us help you. Please see:

I think it was this one:

I read a bunch of them and desperately tried something without fully reading it… ooooops

Like i said before i read some posts but couldn’t find which was more appropriate for my problem.

So i think i figured it out, I removed both “kpeoplevcard” and “libkipi” and then it allowed me to update. Was that the correct procedure? Should i install both after the update?

@Yochanan my problem was about dependencies and not about the “dbus-units” or anything in the announcements. Thanks anyway for the tip.

Always check the second post in Announcement threads for current and past known issues. Since you haven’t updated in months, you have further reading to do:

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And libkipi doesn’t exist anymore - there is also topics on this using :mag:

Something like

sudo pacman -Rns libkipi
sudo pacman -Syu kpeoplevcard