Pamac download speed control


Pamac works just fine but I am wondering if it is possible to implement a bandwidth control in it like most torrent clients. Right now some of the update are huge and the updater always use all my ISP bandwidth strangling all the others pc. Probably just a setting in the preferences with a user specified limit (mB/sec).


A look at pacman man pages don’t show options to configure download speed


either you download or dont
its okay to skip one or two updates if bandwidth is really an issue.but on cant worry about bandwidth.sticking to point release is better




If you can do this with curl or wget commands, then yes.
Check this

cat /etc/pacman.conf | grep XferCommand

and maybe read relevant man pages.


Thanks for the inputs but this is the feature request thread and the request IS to implement that feature in pamac, not command line work around or man pages digging. That’s not about that.

If it is feasible or not, it is up to the Manjaro team but I can live without. That will be a plus though as I have multiple computers running Manjaro which receive updates and also Windows computers but share only one Internet connection like most of the people.


To make this visible to the developer it’s probably better to post it on the GitLab issue tracker:

Slightly OT for the feature request, but you can share the cache between machines to avoid duplicating downloads:


Ok did that. Tx

For the other feature, that’s interesting stuff (one of the infinite tricks with Linux) but above my Linux knowledge for now. I am too scare to screw up something especially on multiple machines. :laughing: